Gear Cutting

Gear Cutting: spur, helical, worm, ring, racks


(2)Gould & Eberhardt 48”dia. 44”face vertical hobb
(1)Wuhan W1YJ3 120”dia. 33”face vertical hobb
(2)Barber Coleman 16-36
(1)Barber Coleman 16-16 with differential
(1)Barber Coleman 16-16
(1)Barber Coleman model 12 with differential
(2)Barber Coleman model 12
(2)Barber Coleman model 6

(1)Barber Coleman model 10 4 4-1/2” stroke, 12” max dia.
(1)Barber Coleman model 18-04 4-1/2” stroke, 12 ”max dia.
(2)Fellows model 36 7” stroke, 36” max dia.
(1)Fellows 4” stroke, 24” max dia.


(2)Red Ring Gear Shaver

Cutter Sharpener:
(1)Fellows hobb sharpener& shaper sharpener

Deburring station.

(1)Colonial Broach: RD10-42, 44” stroke, Vertical
(1)Oil Gear Broach: XL50BX72, 72” stroke, horizontal

(1)Lapointe Broach: B306, 67” stroke, horizontal



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