Valley Gear & Machine, Inc. Owners

We started as a small local machine and repair shop in 1989.   Over the years, we have grown and expanded from three employees to twelve to fifteen.  To aid in our growth, we have designed, patented and produced a machine called a Perforator for the Drain Tile Industry.  This machine perforates plastic corrugated tile used in many agricultural and municipal applications.  The use of drain tile aids in the removal of water from farm fields, swamps or any possible application that requires the removal of water that has saturated an area.

Catering to many of the same customers, we also produce a Winder that is used to coil the drain tile as it is being produced and also a line of Hole Saws that are used in the application of the tile.

We also purchased a small gear shop and began manufacturing and repairing gears.  One of our customers produces a transmission used for the Race car market.  We have been manufacturing the internal components for these transmissions for over 20 years.

As we grew, so did our needs. CNC Turning Equipment and CNC Machining Centers were some of the first acquisitions needed to keep up with demand and quality.  Slotting and Broaching equipment was also obtained to provide keyways and spline work.  Custom made Pulleys were also included in our list of services provided.

In 1997, we acquired a Multi-Speed Transmission product line from the Ramsey Winch Company.  With our capabilities and Ramsey’s fine reputation in the oil field business, we entered into the transmission business.

In 1998, we acquired a Hanger Bearing Line of Transmissions from the Tulsa Winch Company.  These two-speed Hi & Lo range Gear boxes are commonly used in the custom Truck and Trailer Industry.

Along with the Tulsa and Ramsey product lines, we also acquired a Hanger Bearing and Lever line from the Braden Winch Company to add to our growing product and customer base.

We are a growing company who cares deeply for our customers and future growth.  We are excited about this opportunity to reach our many current and future customers and supply products as well as information on our capabilities.