Valley Gear & Machine, Inc. Announces an acquisition from the Paccar (Braden) Winch Company, Broke Arrow, Oklahoma.

Richard Booms, Owner of Valley Gear & Machine Inc., Bad Axe, Michigan has recently acquired the complete “Hanger Bearing and Lever” Product Line from the Braden Winch Division of Paccar, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

In addition to manufacturing the former Ramsey Winch product line of multi speed transmissions, the Tulsa Winch HB2O1 Hanger Bearing product line, Valley Gear & Machine Inc. will produce and supply the former "Braden” 2-Speed Hanger Bearings, Plain Hanger Bearings, Levers and Power Divider (parts) along with replacement parts that were formerly produced by the Braden Winch Co.

Since the acquisition, Valley Gear has been in the process of setting up production, marketing, making sales contacts and is prepared to welcome new customers along with maintaining and supplying existing customers with the same quality product that the “Braden Winch Company” has been manufacturing for over 50 years.

The Hanger Bearing and Lever Products have a diverse worldwide customer base including, but not  limited to, oilfield, logging, mining, wrecker and winch markets.

This product, in addition to producing the Valley High- Speed Perforator product line for the corrugated plastic drain tile industry, a specialty transmission for the food industry, custom gear cutting and machining, as well as gear repair have helped positioned Valley Gear to compete in a world market for years to come.


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