Valley High Speed Perforator

921.jpg (26077 bytes) Outlet end of the Valley High Speed Perforator.
97.jpg (24411 bytes) 16 Spindle Double ended machine with Feed/Cutter Wheels. 

(Cuts 4-16 Rows of Slots)

The Perforator

   One machine will perforate multiple sizes of pipe.  Up to 16 Spindles can be  mounted in the perforator.  Each wheel acts as a worm wheel which feeds the pipe through at High Speed.  Replaceable knives mounted in the wheels perforate the pipe at the same time.  This unique mechanism ensures that every perforation is in the valley of the corrugation.  Perforations are also parallel to the the pipe corrugations.

    Cutting wheels are arranged according to each customers requirements.  Rows of slots vary from 4  to 16.  The machine also can perforate every  or every-other corrugation.  This is achieved simply by adding or removing one knife from each wheel.

The Cutting Knives

    Each knife is precision ground from high quality, long-life carbide or high speed steel.  They are secured in the wheels with a single setscrew which ensures the proper alignment.  The length of the slot is adjusted simply by moving the knife in or out within its' pocket.

Key Benefits 
Line Speeds up to 200 Ft/Min.
Once engaged, the Feed-Cutter wheels never lose contact with the pipe.
Fast change over from one size to another.....Just 10 minutes with no re-timing required.
Low maintenance cost....Less than $100.00 per year.
Inline Bell Pipe capabilities.
Ease of use.
Solid construction.
Fast and easy to re-time if needed.
100% Custom built to our customers needs.
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