Gear and Spline Cutting, Pulleys, Broaching & Slotting

   Valley Gears' gear cutting department is set up with a complete array of gear shapers, hobs, tooth rounders, gear shavers, and a broaching machine.  This gives us great versatility in the parts that we are able to produce.

   42 " Spur Gear   8MM Aluminum HTD Broaching/Slotting
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1 1/2 inch Spur Gear   Product Assortment Excavator Parts

Key Benefits

Fast turn-around.
Dedication to quality.
Special Expedite Service.


External Gears
Spur, Helical, Sprockets, timing belt drives, splines, worm wheels, and serrations up to 40-1/4 inches in diameter.
External Splines
With a maximum length of 36".  Ground splines are also available.
Internal Gears
Up to 36 inches in diameter and 8 inches in length.
Gear Shaving
We are able to shave spur, helical, and crowned gears up to 18 inches in diameter.
Tooth Rounding and Chamfering
Tooth Rounding and Chamfering benefits mainly transmission gears. It allows the gears to shift from one gear to the other with less binding.
HTD, TBP, AT ... Aluminum, Steel, Plastic, Flanges, Keys,
          Tapered Bores, Proto-Type and Production, Balancing,
Hard Coat, Teflon Coating and Black Oxide.
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